Custom views

You can publish any Blade view, be it a Livewire component or a Blade component.

In other words, you can customize any:

  • action (index/create/show/edit) views
  • field (Text, Number, Trix, ...) views
  • layout (there's only one layout currently, but there might be a separate one for pages)
  • partial used in layouts (e.g. the navigation)

Very soon there will be commands that will let you publish views much more granularly, but for now just publish them all and if you want to keep your code cleaner, remove the ones you don't wish to customize:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lean-views

The files will appear in resources/views/vendor/lean/.

It's also possible to customize Lean's frontend assets. Soon we'll have a Laravel Mix integration for this, but the basic principle is that you want to have a separate webpack.mix.js file whose public directory is set to public/vendor/lean. With that configuration, Mix will output the files into the directory where Lean's mix() calls look.