Lean Admin

is coming soon

Thanks to everyone who helped test Lean in the early stages. It has been of huge value and helped us build a product that will be useful to you, the customers.

We’re truly happy with the current state of Lean and are polishing the final features.

Since we’re very close to the official launch, we have closed the early access.

Lean will open for sign ups again in a few weeks.

For the first day or two, there will be a very big discount.

If you want to be notified about that, click below.

(You can do both.)


  • Dark theme
  • Mobile menu
  • Custom pages
  • Fine-grained ACL
  • Responsive design
  • Bulk editing & deleting
  • Resources for your models
  • Complete localization features
  • Rest API for all your of resources
  • Relations editable on form screens
  • Custom UI elements on CRUD screens
  • Global search with full relationship support
  • Advanced theming support. Colors, logos, icons
  • Custom layouts for CRUD actions. Headers, sidebars
  • Smooth SPA-like feel using heavily customized Turbolinks
  • Data tables with search, sorting, pagination, and powerful filters
  • Form builder functionality usable outside Lean with no CSS or JS conflicts
~~ Breathe in & out ~~
  • Frontend runtime providing communication between Livewire components
  • Progressive Web Application features, including installable apps
  • Using CRUD actions on your own pages and selecting features
  • Confirmation dialog when leaving with unsaved changes
  • Complete frontend build (JS, CSS) customization
  • CRUD out of the box for all resources
  • Menu links with icons & groups
  • Field groups, tabs, steps
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Jetstream integration
  • Custom bulk actions
  • Record ordering
UI/UX niceties
  • Page printing
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Modal previews for all links
  • Infinite navigation inside modals
And much more.
Coming in a few weeks.